Sunday, October 31, 2010

This year's project

After all the construction that has gone on around here the past couple of years, I decided to take a year off except for replacing two exterior doors.  Can you say tax credit?


It's hard to see, but the faux panels on the outside of the old door had melted around the edges.  Also, the storm door was one of those old flimsy aluminum things.  I could never figure out how to replace the window with a screen, either.  The inside of the door was flat, no panels.


Six panels front and back, plus a substantial storm door.  Both sides of the inside door are white but I plan to paint them when I get a round tuit.  The storm door matches the siding on the house.

New sidelights, too, that are not all scratched and foggy.

I forgot to take before-and-after pics of the door on the side of the garage.  The old one was hard to latch, would often blow open on windy days (my next door neighbor kept thinking someone was breaking into my garage), and unbeknownst to me, had a rotten sill.  It too will be painted.

(Note the white impatiens in the photo above - still alive because we have not yet had frost hard enough to kill them.)

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Pat - Arkansas said...

Looking good! I like substantial doors. Although my three outside doors are in good condition (steel)I need to replace two storm doors (carport and to the back yard.) One of these days....