Thursday, October 19, 2017

A few bulbs and corms

The light says autumn but the weather says summer, albeit a nice comfortable one. We still have not had a frost of any kind, let alone a killing one that transitions the garden to DONE. Most years we even have a little snow by now, but it has also been a bit dry. I am still mowing weekly.

I'm not a big fall bulb planter, partially because rabbits eat the crocus and tulip blossoms. Daffodils they leave alone, and hyacinth, grape and otherwise. Still, I decided to take a chance on some pink snow crocus (Crocus tommassinianus 'Roseus') and early snowdrops (Galanthus woronowii). These can be planted in the lawn, but since I have this perpetual internal battle over whether to treat the lawn or not, I deposited them along the border of edged circles that surround the Golden Spririt smokebush, the flowering crab, and the hawthorn tree. If they multiply and creep into the lawn, that is okay by me.

The trees have not turned, the leaves have not dropped, the zinnias continue to bloom along with the dahlia, which really picked up the pace. I debated over whether to try some fall transplanting, and today moved one Stella d'Oro daylily to front the flowering crab. Otherwise, I think I'll wait until spring.

How is autumn progressing in your neck of the woods? I'm guessing S-L-O-W-L-Y.