Monday, February 25, 2019

In like a lion

It is a bit early for that March aphorism, but Mother Nature knows no calendar, especially these days. I took advantage of the calm before the storm to cut back the sedum. Already a few plants are showing green at the base.

Yesterday's winds blew over the bird feeders, much to the squirrels' delight and the dogs' consternation. Clio and Watson turn into sleeping lugs when the skies are gray, but a little sunshine (like we have today) perks them up to the nth degree. I'm their disappointment this winter when it comes to walking - it's too cold/windy/icy/wet or all of the above.

On one of our rare winter walks, I noticed the next door neighbor had created a little sitting area next to her front porch (not that I have ever noticed her sitting there). I used to have a couple of Adirondack chairs set under the shade of the Crimson King maple tree, but they had to be moved each time I mowed. Maybe I'll create a dedicated sitting area beside my front porch, as the back deck is rather intolerable in the afternoon.

Do you have sitting areas in your yard?

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Crazy weather

We had a belated "January thaw" this winter. Temps went from polar vortex negatives to over 50 degrees. So the previous snow is gone, only to be replaced with some soon-to-be-gone ice.

In between, I managed to get a little more of the garden cleaned up. I like having something to do outside (besides walking the dogs) during the winter. And I get to engage in one of my favorite pastimes: mentally making plans for spring.

Today, though, I will hunker down inside. I'm still wrapping up the paper stage of KonMarie, but it's almost done, just in time to do taxes. Ugh.