Wednesday, December 28, 2022

S words

Starlings, sparrows, squirrels, snow, subzero...

... and seed catalogs!

I abandoned growing vegetables a couple of years ago, but there is nothing like a Burpee catalog to get one's saliva flowing. Of course, I don't want to disrupt the new landscaping, but there are always containers. And container gardening must be a thing now, as many plants are designated as being container-friendly.

My tendency to go overboard is being held in check. All I really want is a few fresh veggies that don't involve a car trip to an overcrowded farmers market where there seems to be few market gardeners. I'm glad that farmers markets are so popular, BUT. Most of the vendors are not selling fresh fruits and vegetables, which is what I want. So I will grow a few of my own. In containers. Like green beans, ONE tomato plant, some herbs. We'll see how that goes.

I'm also dreaming of populating the "meadow" - the corner of the yard that I reserved for my own puttering. Coneflower, rudbeckia, ironweed, monarda, penstemon, cupplant, etc. I'm sure there will be some volunteer sunflowers as well, as the birdfeeders are in that area.

With our recent polar vortex, the starlings finally showed up en masse. Ugh. Besides the usual fox squirrels, I've seen a gray squirrel (with white ears!) and red squirrels (very athletic). Today what I assume was a Coopers hawk flew through the backyard. Last November I heard sandhill cranes flying overhead - their "song" sounds like gargling.

Meanwhile, I wait for my shoulder to heal. I have one good day and think the worst is over. But I'm still not sleeping well, simple tasks take forever because of being limited to one arm, and yesterday the physical therapist made me cry, partially because what she was doing HURT, but also a brutal realization that I am not as tough as I thought I was.

What gardening dreams are you having this winter?

Sunday, December 18, 2022

Insult to injury

Not only am I recovering from shoulder replacement surgery, I now also have a cold. Not the flu, not covid, not whatever else is going around, just an old fashioned cold. Ironically, the only place I could have picked up this virus is the doctor's office, where I went on Wednesday to have the staples removed.

Otherwise, not much going on. A half dozen bluebirds showed up at the birdbath today, so I put out some mealworms for them; so far, no takers. Ditto the seed wreath and hot butter bark I splurged on. I'm sure that will change once my fine feathered friends venture from their usual feeding stations.

The xmas cactus continues to pop out a blossom, one at a time. I'm not sure how one keeps this plant blooming, so I've continued to cover it at night to see if that helps.

Its cactus cousins are... weird. One is putting on quite a show while the others look dead or nearly dead. Are they just dormant? Inquiring minds want to know.

Have a joyful week.

Sunday, December 04, 2022


Just a quick note to say the surgery went well on Wednesday. I came home Thursday, had a bit of a scare yesterday and went to the ER (everything checked out okay), starting PT tomorrow. I sleep a lot, with one cat or the other in my lap; the dogs are at the kennel until Tuesday.

Despite my erratic efforts to force the xmas cactus to bloom, it complied.