Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Not much to report... yet

Spring has sprung, but since I decided to downsize the yardening, my spring activities have been rather curtailed. Last night my SO and I did visit Home Depot and Lowe's, to check out big pots, but so far I have spent very little money on plants and such. That is a BIG difference from previous years.

I also did not start any plants inside, although I kept the seeds and may return to that activity in future years, depending on how the raised beds shake out. The one exception is rooting cuttings from my coleus mother plant. This variety is still my favorite, although I plan to add a yellow one this summer, to accent the purple smoke bush.

(The cuttings are in the dish drainer in the kitchen sink, to protect them from Beau the Feline Destroyer of All Things Nice. This was a lesson learned after finding a broken glass on the kitchen floor one morning.)

There has been some puttering in the yard, though. I am eliminating some plants that just never did well, moving other plants into the subsequent holes, edging this and that, etc. Nothing very exciting.

This afternoon, I decided to mow the yard, as it is looking rather scraggly with its spring growth. But alas, the mower would not start. After spending thousands of dollars on a zero-turn riding mower and hundreds of dollars having it serviced, it won't go. Very aggravating. It's stuff like this that pushes me toward just hiring someone to do the mowing.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Green! Yellow! Pink!

After months of gray and tan, the green, green lawn seems amazing. And there are cheerful yellow daffodils and perky pink hyacinth, too. If it weren't raining/sleeting, I would go outside and take some pix.

The fall cleanup is basically done. Since the honeysuckle vine had invaded the neighbor's yard, I pruned that back. A quick inspection of the shrubs and trees shows nothing died over the polar vortex winter we had, although the jury is still out regarding the Rose of Sharon - it is always the last thing to show signs of life, but last year was looking rather peaked. We'll see if it comes back.

Since I am not growing food anymore, there are areas of the yard that no longer need to be in full sun. So I am contemplating adding a couple of trees in back. Of course, it will be decades before they cast any meaningful shade, but still. One must plan ahead.

Hope spring is brightening your days!