Monday, October 04, 2010


  1. For some reason, the sparrows keep trying to get into the wren house, to the point where they almost get stuck.  I should take that thing down before someone gets hurt.
  2. Next spring, I would like to aerate AND roll my yard.  Which do I do first?
  3. I want to roll the yard because it is so lumpy my ankles ache after mowing.
  4. Won't feeding the lawn with grass clippings create thatch?  And isn't thatch bad?
  5. Since I belong to a local nursery's garden club, I received a free plant for my birthday.  When I picked up the plant, I also bought three planters (on sale).  I spent enough money to qualify for a free bag of compost.  I'm sure they made money on that transaction, but I feel like I came out ahead, too.
  6. Yes, my birthday is this month.  Let's just say I don't qualify for Social Security.  Yet.
  7. I bought three planters because there were three of a kind but in two different sizes, and I did not want to take one from its sisters or leave one behind.  Silly.
  8. I love my new freezer.  Latest thing to be frozen:  basil in olive oil, following these instructions.
  9. Yes, the rabbits ate my basil.  Fortunately, my daughter has plenty.
  10. If I get more basil from her, I could make frozen pesto. 
Happy birthday to me!
The three sisters

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Pat - Arkansas said...

I like your pots! And, happy birthday, whenever it may be.:)