Saturday, October 02, 2010

Finally feels like fall

Although many parts of the country are getting inundated with too much rain, we are still limping along here with a quarter-inch here and a quarter-inch there.  At least the temperatures have dropped.  In fact, there is a threat of frost tonight.  I'm pretty much done with gardening for the year, although I will throw a sheet over the peppers and one tomato plant, to see if I can keep them going a bit longer.  Oh, and I'll bring in my basil starts and the big herb pot.

For the past couple of years, I have been trying to lure bluebirds to my backyard habitat.  They stop by for a visit, but do not stay, so others - sparrows, goldfinch - use the neglected bluebird house in their stead.  Recently, the yard has been a flutter with all kinds of birds, especially young robins who flock to the pokeweed.  And BLUEBIRDS.  In fact, here is evidence that they are not totally repelled by the bluebird house.

Sorry for the crappy picture.  I had to take it from inside, through glass, and this is the zoomiest I could get.  Prior to this photo op, there were many, better ones, as the bluebirds were hanging around the shepherd's hook not ten feet from where I sat.  But as soon as I fetched the Sony, they became camera shy.  Maybe they will remember the house and return next spring.

Today is a chili and corn bread kind of day.  The chili is on the stove; the corn bread is in the queue.

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