Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ah HA!

Today, in order to guarantee some rain in the near future, I was out watering my shrubs and perennials when, what before my wondering eyes should appear but that rascally rabbit.  Suddenly, it was on the other side of the fence.  HA!  I snooped around and found its escape hatch, then immediately blocked it with a cement paver and brick (very classy).  Theoretically, that is the last rabbit in the backyard.  And the last breach in the perimeter.

And while we are on the topic of wildlife, my neighbor was chatting me up the other day and mentioned that he had seen a red fox between our houses, a beautiful creature that jumped the fence into my backyard.  Wow.  And that explains a few things, like the "dog" poop by the back fence (my dog's electronic collar won't let her back there) and the immaculate cleansing of a dish of bacon grease I had left out for the birds (my dog would have eaten the dish).

And this morning, while a visiting friend and I were enjoying the view from the West Wing, a hawk not only landed in a nearby tree, but flew across the yard right in front of the windows we were looking out.  Bravo!

I'm waiting for the starlings to leave town before I start my winter feeding of the birds.  In preparation, I have been relocating shepherds hooks and the bird bath and wondering what would be a better site for the suet feeders.  Every morning the backyard is full of migratory birds catching a quick breakfast before heading out for the next leg of their journey.  I don't see anything exotic, but the level of activity is amazing.  Then suddenly, they are gone.

Can winter be far behind?

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