Saturday, May 28, 2022

Possum on the half shell

Apparently, armadillos are now a thing in Illinois; read about it here. I have to admit I would be rather excited to see one in my backyard (as would the dogs), but I also hope I never do.

I was getting a little concerned that the landscaper had not responded to any of my recent emails. Turns out his last email went into my spam folder. Right now we are on schedule for an early June installation. That gives my daughter more time to dig up plants. It also means I need to clean up at least the front yard a bit while we wait. The mulberries are out of control, along with thistle. A bit unsightly.

Baby sparrows left the nest this past week. Once I figure out how, I'll post a video of mom feeding the babies right under my window. There was another baby bird of some kind, but it didn't make it. By the time I noticed it, the parents had abandoned it. :-(

The Clematis Paniculata is halfway up the pergola. I tried rooting some Virginia creeper cuttings in water, but Beau the Feline Destroyer of All Things Nice kept messing with them. I'll try planting the cuttings directly into the container instead.

Usually I avoid politics and religion in this blog, but in the wake of the recent tragedy in Texas, I feel compelled to put in my two cents worth. I am wondering if firearms could be treated like tobacco: sales of firearms and ammo highly taxed (and the proceeds could be used to fund mental health services), elimination of all advertising on all media, "gun-free" zones like we have "smoke-free" zones, age limits on purchases, etc. This action would sidestep second amendment issues while addressing some of the contributing factors of this senseless violence. I've contacted all my legislators, both state and federal, but frankly, I feel very hopeless and helpless.

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