Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Walls Will Not Be Tumbling Down

Last night the electrician called. The outlets in the new room were supposed to be wired into a wall switch, but somehow that had not been communicated by the contractor. Silly me, I had assumed a work order or something had transpired between them. Now that everything else is done, putting those outlets on a wall switch is virtually impossible. He offered some alternatives, but none of them sounded like they were worth the effort.

Today I called the contractor, who apologized profusely over this lapse. He offered to pull down the drywall in order to make things right, but I said NO! To me, it is not that big a deal. If the electrician would come out and install the light kit for the ceiling fan, which is on a wall switch, that would be good enough.

This morning the weather stripping in the new patio door was fixed. Now all I need to do is call the flooring people about the bill and the flawed board. *sigh*

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