Sunday, November 02, 2008

Still Outstanding

The new room still is not quite done. The building inspector needs the building permit, the electrician needs to correct one thing (outlets on wall switch) and finish another (light kit for ceiling fan), and I still haven't called the flooring people about that one flawed board.

There is another reason to call the flooring people. I received a bill from the them, but it was incorrect. I had Durastone tile leftover from my kitchen, and thinking I had enough, I said I would supply it for the laundry room. Well, I did not have enough, so the flooring people ordered extra. The bill, however, includes the expense of the subflooring and labor for installing the laundry room floor. My understanding is that was all part of the big package.

I don't spend much time in the new room yet. I'm too accustomed to the couch in my livingroom. Also, looking out on the backyard reminds me of all the outdoor stuff I should be taking care of now, before the weather turns. And then there is the old furniture and lack of area rugs and general echo-iness of the room. I need to make it more inhabitable.

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