Saturday, February 26, 2022


Despite the hawthorn tree being loaded with haws, the robins have yet to strip it bare. Instead, one lonely robin stands guard, chasing away any sparrows who dare to venture too close. This morning I saw several robins pecking at the droppings under the mealworm feeder. I guess they are more interested in protein than fruit right now.

Then there is this pair of mourning doves, keeping their feet warm on the heated bird bath. Some house finches have shown up as well and are working on the safflower seeds.

After the garden center picked up my mower for servicing, my SO and I rearranged the garage a bit, building shelves from cinder blocks and scrap lumber. Once the pots that are wintering over can go outside, there will be LOTS of room in there.

Back to the landscaping: In the backyard, there will be a couple of new trees, a white oak (Quercus alba) and a shagbark hickory (Carya ovata). The oak tree will obviously produce acorns someday; it may also host the larva of the Edward's hairstreak (Satyrium edwardsii). The hickory will also produce nuts. The squirrels and birds will have a heyday.

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ErinFromIowa said...

Reading this lifted my spirits. Thank you 💚