Sunday, December 12, 2021

Don't buy this

Recently I purchased a plastic bird feeder for "clingers" from Wild Birds Unlimited. Today I dropped it a total of two feet. Despite landing on soft ground, the bottom broke off. When I bought it, the salesperson warned me that the top hook might break off but the manufacturers would replace it. I should have taken that as a warning. I don't want a replacement, just my money back.

Today I cut back the 'Betty Corning' and 'Avant-garde' clematis. The strong winds we've been experiencing lately cause them to bang their tuteurs against the house. A bit disconcerting after dark.

For some reason, mice have been getting into the house. My SO teases that it is because my yard is so wildlife friendly. I don't care how many rodents there are outside, but I draw the line when they breech the walls of my domicile. One of the cats caught one in the house and maybe one in the garage. I have caught three in traps baited with "butter bark". I hope that is all there is.

In my next lifetime, I hope to have a clear view of the horizon or at least a more natural one. Until then, this is the best I can do to capture lovely sunsets.

The temps just won't stay below freezing around here, perpetuating mud season. I use a Bissell Crosswave to clean my floors and am shocked each and every time from the amount of dirt it picks up, even after I have already vaccuumed. I clean the dogs' paws with a Paw Plunger, but it's getting worn out, as am I.

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