Sunday, September 03, 2023

Water! Water!

We are having another HOT spell, and dry. One of the ninebark shrubs looked *really* thirsty, so I heavily watered all three of them, plus the Canadian hemlock, tulip tree, Japanese maple, and container plants. I'll repeat that protocol tomorrow. I don't water the lawn, though, and it is looking rather dormant.

The tall goldenrod on the south side of the house is blooming. I searched my emails and this blog for references to goldenrod and can't find any indication that I planted this variety. It is a welcome sight, nonetheless.

And some asters have survived. I believe this is New York aster, and there is some other variety of aster nearby, with lavender blossoms.

I have spotted a monarch butterfly or two recently, but that is about it. Maybe next year I will (deliberately) plant some milkweed, or the milkweed that is in the yard will spread.

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