Sunday, November 14, 2021

Feels like November

Today we received our first snowfall. Add raw winds, cold temps, and gray skies, and you have November in Indiana. And yet this week we are expecting highs in the 60's again. Weird, weird weather.

My SO and I moved the compost bin to the side of the shed, dumping the composted material into a raised bed by the so-called meadow. I cut down the zinnias and Mexican sunflowers, all of which go in the bin. The weed pile is currently near the back of the yard, but it will be moved to behind the compost bin. I mowed the lawn for what is hopefully the last time this year.

The bird feeders have been going back up one at a time. So far, there are stations for niger thistle, suet, safflower, peanut splits, whole peanuts, "bark butter", millet, and a nut and fruit mix that is in a new feeder for "clingers". Still, about all I am seeing are sparrows.

Once again, Pinetree wins the prize for earliest garden catalog of the season. Even though the yard and garden are in transition, I see a few seeds I would like to order.

Otherwise, I am busy with physical therapy for my shoulder. Functionality continues to improve and my energy is returning. As we age, parts wear out. I'm grateful that my problems have been fixable (so far!)

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