Sunday, September 12, 2021

Purple dogs

One recent day I needed to do *something* outside, so I knocked down a bunch of volunteer pokeweed but did not clear it out of the yard. Now the dogs run through it, chasing rabbits, and come out with purple streaks on their backs. One of Watson's collars, the one with all the tags, is out there somewhere. I have not been able to locate it.

We are now allowed to resume backyard bird feeding, after cleaning feeders and birdbaths with a 10% bleach solution. (I have no bleach right now. Who knew it has an expiration date?) They still haven't figured out what caused all the songbird deaths, but the crisis seems to have passed on its own.

This summer is endless. Just when I think we are done with the heat, a series of 80+ degree days descends. And it has been dry. Hot and dry is not normal for September in these parts. I'm tempted to tear out the annuals, but hummingbirds and monarchs still visit. At least the lawn has slowed down.

In about two weeks, I will have a total shoulder replacement. I'm both looking forward to and dreading that. It will mean reduced pain and improved functionality, but not right away. Recovery is slower than it is with hip replacement, but I'm hoping I will be just as happy with the end results.

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