Sunday, February 18, 2018

Snow more!

The previous snow melted away. Last night I thought we were supposed to get rain but replacement snow arrived instead. Fortunately, it is nearly gone, again. This weather is positively bipolar.

I first planted this coleus in 2012, in the flower box on the front porch. Since then, each fall I save a "mother plant" to winter over inside and be cloned for the following year's transplants. Unfortunately, I can't find the name of this variety in my blog. I think it is 'Velvet'.

I actually did some yardening yesterday, in a desperate attempt to fight off the late February blahs. All I did was cut down the clematis, slogging around in the mushy top half-inch of lawn. The dogs kept me company, which meant they both needed baths afterwards. Mud season - ugh!

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