Wednesday, June 28, 2017


This past week, I have been laboring away in the so-called orchard. This includes what I optimistically designated as the Blueberry Bed. The blueberry plants have not fared well, falling victim to wascally wabbits. Also, thanks to volunteer milkweed plants, the b-berry plants barely see the light of day.

Find the blueberry plants

Last summer, the milkweed in my yard fell victim to aphids, farmed by ants. I have tried several natural ant repellents - coffee grounds (thanks, Starbucks!), Russian sage, catmint - but the ants are back. So far no aphids, though. Fingers crossed.

Indian hemp too

Along with the milkweed is a cousin, Indian hemp (Apocynum cannabinum). It was only on last year's Garden Bloggers Fling that I was able to identify this plant. A native, it is supposedly very attractive to butterflies, so its presence among the milkweed seems natural.


The scent of milkweed blooms is incredibly sweet, a gardener's reward for battling bindweed and other unwanted plants in the bed. I'm hoping by developing an entire stand of milkweed, I will someday also be rewarded with monarch caterpillars (and not the "other milkweed caterpillar" that last year destroyed my butterflyweed). One can only hope.

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Jason said...

It took years before I saw any Monarch cats, so be patient. I love the fragrance of the Milkweed.