Saturday, June 04, 2016

In situ

We have been digging holes. (Well, mostly my SO has. I stand by and supervise.) Almost everything in current inventory is in the ground (although I expect more inventory any day now).

The photo above shows the newly installed Creeping Broad-leaved Sedge 'Banana Boat', a shade loving thing (or five) to contrast with the 'Crimson Pygmy' Barberry. To plant these, we extended the bed a bit. I anticipate adding something like white hyacinth for spring pizzazz.

Here we have four hollies, Ilex x meserveae 'Blue Princess' and 'Blue Prince', rescued from under the arborvitae. Their tale is long and sad - basically I was looking for creeping wintergreen, the nursery guy offered these up in its stead, and I insisted on treating them like shade-loving wintergreen instead of sun-craving holly - in 2010. One saw the light two years ago, or as much light as it could considering the weediness of its environs. Now all are out of the dark in what I hope is their final resting place, between the vegetable garden and the chain link fence.

They are in various stages of health, from superduper if compact to barely alive. Fingers crossed they all not only survive but thrive. By the way, these do not creep like the wintergreen I originally sought - they are supposed to get 10 (!) feet tall. I hope they have not been permanently stunted.

Once we rescued the holly, the Golden Mop Cypress (Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Mops') could be installed to disguise the rabbit damage on the arborvitae (which occurred their second winter). The mops look little now, but these guys will grow 2'-3' wide and 2'-3' tall. These two are on the south side of the yard; there are two more for the arborvitae on the north side, but considering the shallow depth of the fiber optic cable nearby, I'm waiting for the yard to be marked by the underground utility guys before proceeding.

Not all planting occurred in ground. I purchased five planters for the pergola but used only four (and lost the receipt so I couldn't return the extra). This one is hanging on the vegetable garden fence and contains two dahlias and a lantana.

I am finding it ironic that earlier this spring I thought I had lost my gardening mojo and now I can barely stay away from my beloved plants. A big factor in this scenario is the help I have received from my son. He has taken on the mowing, helps with the weeding, and is working on some long-deferred projects of mine. The psychic boost of having a willing assistant is tremendous, even if he occasionally yanks up a non-weed in his enthusiasm.

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