Friday, April 08, 2016

Now it's too cold!

I am not a fan of magnolia, as its beauty is so short lived. Several of my neighbors have them, though, so I get to witness how usually a bit of warmth and a little wind send the blossoms cascading to the ground. This year, the recent cold temps have truly uglified the poor things. The blossoms are mostly brown instead of white. I keep telling my rhododendron to wait, just wait, before blooming, but I'm wondering if their buds are also getting too frosted. I suspect the service berry is toast, too.

The onion plants arrived a couple of weeks ago, but I was afraid to transplant them. Last year they sat in water too long while awaiting relocation to the garden, and many did not survive. This year, I actually planted them in flats where they are doing quite fine. BUT they need to go into the garden proper soon. Maybe next week?

The seed potatoes are here, too, and the goutweed plants arrived yesterday. A few days ago, my SO resurrected the garden fence while I trimmed and trimmed and trimmed. (Note to self: the next time I have trouble with the trimmer, spray it with WD40, the miracle worker of anything mechanical or electrical.) I could hear a few lawn mowers going, but I'm holding off until this weekend. Assuming it doesn't snow.

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