Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Finally, a very nice day, as evidenced by neighbors walking dogs, pushing strollers, riding motorcycles and bicycles and skateboards. There is still snow on the ground, but it's giving way. Hopefully it will be completely gone before it rains on Friday.

The birds were a bit of a disappointment this winter. Regular visitors included a pair of cardinals, several blue jays, a junco or three, rarely a woodpecker, but otherwise it was sparrows and finches. The squirrels scavenged under the feeders. Since they came in singles, I was not sure if it was the same squirrel or several, but it had to be more than one because one was missing the fur on half its tail.

Today I heard a constant (and annoying) chirping, which I assumed was a bird on the roof. Eventually, I realized the noise was coming from my attached garage, and again assuming it was a bird, I opened the garage door so it could fly out. But the noise continued. Using inhuman stealth, I managed to crack the mudroom door open enough to see it was a chipmunk. But why would it not leave? I tried scaring it out, without success. Then I worried it had been hibernating in the garage all winter and was now attempting to attract a mate! Eventually, the chirping stopped, so it either departed or went back to sleep.

I took advantage of DST and spent some time outside this afternoon. Daffodils have broken through on the south side of the house. I dragged the mower through the snow, from the shed to the garage, so I can have it serviced. And a lot of pooper scoopering occurred, another sure sign of spring.

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Jason said...

Not having a dog, I haven't considered the connection between spring and pooper scoopers, but I guess that makes sense.