Friday, May 16, 2014

Not your average spring

My rule of thumb regarding tomato transplants is to wait until the nighttime temperatures are above 50 degrees before moving them to the garden. Today's high is 50. According to Weather Bug, I *might* be able to *think* about transplanting tomatoes next Tuesday. *sigh*

It's not just the tomatoes that are in a holding pattern. There are other warm weather fellows like peppers. Also, I decided to try starting members of the squash family inside this year; like everything else, they look leggy and impatient.

What is already in the garden looks fine: garlic, onions, broccoli, peas, snap peas, new beds of asparagus and strawberries. The potatoes are finally showing up; I was afraid they had rotted underground. This past week, over 3.5 inches of rain has fallen, but the raised beds are handling that just fine.

The non-vegetable beds are also doing fine. I'm pleased with the way the bed by the front sidewalk has filled out, despite the (not unexpected) loss of the delphinium and several coreopsis. A volunteer columbine and several violets are helping out.

The hosta bed is full, per usual. I found something to plant in the back that would add height to this area, and I hope I made note of it somewhere because right now, I can't think of what it might be. Maybe black cohosh?

I thought I had lost all my bleeding heart, so last year I bought one. It is doing quite well, but so are some others scattered around the yard. You can't have too many, in my opinion.

One item on the to-do list is to remove the old fashion lilac bush. Frequently, as soon as I consider getting rid of something, it blooms its little heart out. The lilac is no exception.

My scheme to avoid purchasing coleus for the front porch box worked out just fine. In fact, I have yet to visit any nurseries this year. I picked up a few herbs at Home Depot, but otherwise nada. There is plenty to do without adding to the plant population right now.

How does your garden grow?

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