Thursday, September 20, 2012

When the gardener gets sick

I live alone, and for the most part like it that way. However, that becomes problematic when illness strikes, like it did a few weeks ago. I'm fortunate that my SO is retired and could chauffeur me around to my various appointments, that my daughter lives in town and delivered groceries to my door, and that my son lives close enough to help mow and weed. There was almost enough rain - the zinnias succumbed to neglect but they were near the end anyway - so no real worries there, either. Still, it is hard to look out the window and see everything I *could* be doing, if only I felt better. Fortunately, I am almost back to "normal".

At my age, any illness gives pause. I have a big yard and big ideas for that yard, but now I'm thinking I need to focus more on making things easier to care for. For example, after so many dry summers, anything drought-resistant would be good. A watering system would also help tremendously. And edging, to keep the lawn out of the beds. And an electric trimmer. And, and, and.... Any suggestions?

Now I'm going to put on my overalls and spend some time in that yard o' mine.

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Jason said...

Hope you feel better soon! And I think grasses and low growing shrubs make for an easier to manage garden.