Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lemon tree very pretty

And the lemon flower is sweet. So sweet, in fact, the scent of this one plant fills a large room and seeps into the rest of the house. Cloying!

Last year, its first one in my care, this Meyer lemon tree gave me two lemons. So far, it has six blossoms on it this year, five at the very top.

I plan to train it into one main trunk as it grows, or maybe two intertwined, if that is possible.

Proof that the sweet potato is producing slips. Since I plan to plant sweet potatoes around June 1, there is plenty of time for these to get large enough to be ripped from the mother potato and to develop their own roots. I hope.

Proof that there will be basil as well, to be planted with the tomatoes come mid May.

Since it will be a month before 'mater planting, I decided these leggy beauties needed to be transplanted into larger pots (or cups, as the case may be) to develop more roots.

These are actually paper cups inside of plastic ones. I should be able to simply rip off the bottom of the paper cup and transplant, using the top of the cup as a collar. If I had planned ahead, I would have chosen red cups, as tomato plants supposedly respond favorably to the color red.

Remember that pair of mallards I thought I had chased a way? I succeeded in getting them out of the backyard but not off my property entirely.

This is the female, nesting under a peony on the south side of the house. The funny thing is, my son and I had noticed the nest on Easter Sunday, but I thought it was a rabbit nest. Imagine my surprise when I checked it out the next day.

I wonder if she has nested here before. In previous years I had noticed a depression in that flower bed, but since I don't usually pay much attention to it until later in the season, I might have just not known the nest was actively used.

Here is the wine bottle edging I mentioned in my previous post. This idea is not original with me - I saw just such a display while visiting the Master Gardener gardens at IPFW one year.

And just to be clear, I did NOT empty all those bottles myself.

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