Monday, February 06, 2012

And so it begins

Friday I was playing in the compost piles. Saturday I awoke to this:

A good portion of that wet sloppy snow is gone, but I'm sure the weather gods can stir up more if they so desire.

To combat all that winterness outside, I started onion plants inside.

I have not grown onions from seed for ages, so this will be an experiment. The reason for turning to seed is I have been unhappy with the selection of onion sets and unhappy with the results from the past few years. Of course, as soon as I ordered seeds for a variety called Copra, I received a seed catalog with an improved Copra called Cortland. *sigh*

Anyway, expecting to plant one square foot garden bed entirely with onions, I planted 144 seeds. (Nine plants per square foot times 16 square feet = 144, right?) The plan is to get them into the ground around April 1.

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