Thursday, October 13, 2011

In situ

The June 1978 issue of Organic Gardening (which I found in a box under the bed in the guest room - I was looking for an article on growing sweet potatoes) included plans for "easy compost bins".  We started with the plans for the "Rodentproof Composter" and with a few modifications, created this:

The color turned out a bit more fuscia than I planned.
My SO deserves 95% of the credit for this baby.  I purchased the parts and he did the cutting and assembling and painting while I "supervised".  (He's good with tools; I'm not.)  It is situated on the north side of the West Wing, where I can open a window and toss out the kitchen scraps without risk of stepping in doggie doo in the dark.

Feed me!
The sides are removable for easy access to the end result.

My SO makes my dreams come true!
Don't worry - the arborvitae shield it from the neighbor's view, and I plan to mix in plenty of compostable newspaper and yard trimmings, to keep it from becoming stinky. And if it does become stinky or buggy or whatever, we can always relocate it.
You know, if the city would let me keep a few chickens, I would not have to resort to crazy ideas like this one.

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