Sunday, March 27, 2011

Still too cold to garden...

... so I made a few more purchases online:  a row cover for brassicas and an oriole feeder from Lee Valley (free shipping ends Mar. 28!), and from Stark Bros., three redbuds (on sale!), a Meyer lemon, some June-bearing strawberry plants, plus a strawberry planter kit that comes with some everbearing strawberry plants.

Last night I watched "Food Inc."  Yikes!  I avoid processed foods, so am not consuming corn this and corn that to a large degree, and I try to buy organic and/or local whenever I can.  But most people believe the "food-like products" in the grocery store are at least safe and healthy enough, or they are constrained by circumstances to buying what is cheap and convenient, or they just don't think about it.  I did not realize that corn subsidies (which keep our food cheap) put farmers in other countries out of business.  So Mexican farmers cross the border illegally, looking for work, and third world nations can't feed themselves which results in food riots and starvation.  Most of what we eat comes through the hands of a few mega-corporations, and they wield a lot of power in DC.  But we the people can do something about it, as evidenced by WalMart promoting organics and Coke offering a version without HFCS - because that is what their customers want.  Sometimes I get a little miffed about spending more for organic/local food, but now I see that cheap food is expensive in the long run.  If nothing else, buying organic/local is an investment in my health.  End of sermon.

Now I am going to go make some soup and watch my marigold sprouts grow.


Pat - Arkansas said...

Interesting information, well put.

ErinFromIowa said...

Great post!
I have changed my mindset money wise about the food I purchase. By buying organic and unprocessed foods I am voting with my dollars what I want the store to carry.
It is a struggle sometimes but then I think which is healthier no matter what the cost.