Friday, May 29, 2009

Look what Betsy found

It's a baby bunny! Unfortunately, the dog does not want to leave the poor thing alone, so she is banished to the house. Hopefully mama will come by and move the baby elsewhere.

Keeping up with this blog is more difficult than keeping up with the yard. I was out of town part of last weekend, which was good for my mental health but not for the garden. Memorial Day I mowed the backyard while my SO dug up more sod to create a nice path around the garden. Some mulch also got shifted but not much else.

And then it started to rain. And rain. And RAIN. Today it was threatening but I decided to mow the front yard anyway. I also set up the alternative Topsy Turvy planters, so now there are two tomatoes planted, Health Kick and Fourth of July. After all my kvetching about Burpee sending plants late, this year they arrived on time and I am the one that is late.

And then it rained again. Jeesh!

Keys of heaven, in case you were wondering, in a sea of Queen Anne's lace.

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