Monday, February 16, 2009

Deceptively sunny

It has been a busy weekend, but in a good way. The junk room Creativity Center is about 95% cleaned up. I think I am going to rearrange the two spare bedrooms so that they each have a bed instead of both beds in one room. That means I will have to keep at least one of them guest-ready instead of letting them both degenerate into storage closets like before.

I also worked on the garage - it is about 50% there. I assembled all three of the storage thingies from Target. One is for tools and is halfway loaded. One is a tall cabinet, and when I discovered my vacuum cleaner would fit into it, the kitty washroom (which the cat eschews) was shoved aside in favor of the storage unit in the laundry room. If I ever get a closet cleaned out enough to house the vacuum, the storage unit can go back to the garage. Storage thingy #3 is shelves and is in the garage.

(In a previous lifetime, I made it a habit to clear out old papers and clean the garage once a year. Somewhere along the line, my discipline collapsed and now I am paying for it by spending most of the weekend attending to both.)

Today the heating contractors returned to adjust the baffles under the house, to send a bit less hot air to the new room and a bit more to the main body of the house and a LOT more to the Creativity Center, which was really chilly.

Speaking of the new room, I decided I want to call it the West Wing. Never mind that I never even watched that TV show, West Wing just seems accurate. My daughter thinks this is a silly idea, but I challenge her to come up with a better name.

After the heating guys left, I picked up my lawn mower from the lawn mower place. Servicing + two repairs = $80. And on the way to pick up the mower, I stopped at a used bookstore and purchased From Julia Child's Kitchen and The New Seed-Starters Handbook for a total of $20. I spent $100 in just one day. I did the same thing a couple of days ago, after hitting both the people food store and the animal food store. Where's my bailout?!?

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