Saturday, October 04, 2008


If I had pumpkins, there would have been a little frost on them this morning. Not a hard frost - no tomato plants were harmed - but definitely a bit of rime here and there.

Today I invested in some floor tools, a dust mop (at least, that is what we used to call them) for the wood laminate floor that I am beginning to hate (it feels like I am walking on paneling) and a broom because two out of the three brooms I own have disappeared, having either hitched a ride on a visiting panel truck or become buried under all the crap in the garage.

(Which brings up an interesting aspect of my experience with contractors: if your ladder is handy (or your bucket or your broom or your tape measure), they will use your tools rather than exert the effort it would take to fetch their own from their truck. And fans. Fans are needed for drying things like drywall mud, so you had better have some.)

I also looked at some furniture in World Market. I like the sectional sofa and matching arm chair on display. I liked them even more after I put a couple of pieces of my old furniture into the new room and found them quite retching.

In case you can't tell, I am a little crabby tonight. The muscles in my left hip are in a knot and that knot won't let go in spite of my usual ministrations. It didn't keep me from mowing today, because walking is not painful. Neither is sitting. It is the transition from sitting to standing that kills. It is hell getting old.

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