Thursday, November 30, 2006

Pea Fence

Those wascally wabbits made mincemeat of my garden this past summer, so I asked my SO to build me a pea fence. I sketched out the general idea - a 4'x 8' trellis in the middle of a 1' tall pen - and he implemented my idea so that it disassembles and folds up for storage.

(The 8'x 1' sides slide out of dadoes in the verticals of the 1'x 1' sides. The 1'x 1' sides fold in on hinges.)

I planted fall snap peas and the pea fence performed as designed, but I was late getting the seed into the ground (mid-August) and the peas did not bloom. Even if they had bloomed, there were no more pollinators flying about to help out. Next spring I will try again, and maybe follow the peas with cukes, and follow the cukes with more peas.

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