Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I must be crazy...

We had a great time at the Corydon Fiber Festival, but I was lucky to get out of there without livestock. There were alpacas, sheep (but no babydolls), and angora rabbits, oh my! A while back I considered getting a pet rabbit, but talked myself out of it. Now I am intrigued with the idea of having an angora or two, so I can buy some raw wool and have it spun with the angora for my own special yarn. I went as far as to send an application to the Indiana House Rabbit Society, to see if I can adopt an angora from them. I was honest on the application, stating I wanted the animal for companionship and its fur, so they may reject me. We'll see if it is meant to be.

Among the purchases I did make at the festival were corn yarn and bamboo yarn (see Soy Silk) and needle felting supplies from Big Springs Farm and Fiber. Needle felting is felting without knitting or water, or yarn for that matter - you use roving (carded wool). My NDP Frank bought two shepherd crooks. After petting the lambs, though, neither of us felt up for sheepburgers.

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