Thursday, August 07, 2008

On Your Mark, Get Set...

The estimator guy is coming over Friday. He is bringing the interior decorator. Feeling outnumbered, I asked my daughter to join us, to make sure I don't agree to something I shouldn't. Unless something completely unexpected happens between now and then, I will be signing on the dotted line and the construction of the new room will begin.

One ever present complication is whether I will have a job in the near future. Per usual, my department is undergoing a reorganization. It is progressing top-down, and most of the top boxes on the org chart have been filled. All that remains is finding a slot for all the little peons, aka "human capital". Our corner of the big picture is already running rather lean and mean, so no job reductions are expected... but you never know.

If I do lose my job, it will introduce complications into my life that would be easier to do without, but I won't be destitute, I won't be scrambling (at least, not initially), the room can still be completed without driving me to the poor house. I may even be doing a little happy dance because, quite frankly, despite the salary and benefits and perks, I hate my job. I could even start drawing on my pension, such as it is. If I put my life on hold every time I thought I was going to be downsized, rightsized, or "made redundant", I'd never do anything.

Meanwhile, we did get some rain this week, 0.75" a few days ago, more today that I have not measured yet. It is cool enough tonight to turn off the AC and open the windows. Good sleeping weather.

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