Wednesday, August 27, 2008

C is for Concrete

Tomorrow (!!!) the concrete guys are going to start their thing. I plan to be far away while they work. Watching them tear out and crush the deck sounds too painful. Then there will be much backhoe work. Finally comes the concrete. Theoretically, all this will take two, maybe three days. It's hard to believe the time has finally arrived. Let the remodeling begin!

I meant to move the columbine and blue hosta out of harm's way last weekend, but it was too freakin' hot. I took a half-day of vacation this morning to attend to that task. Still worked up a healthy sweat, even though it was only 70 degrees.

A couple of these kept me company while I worked.

I don't know my butterflies or I would supply you with a name. Several of these were hanging around the butterfly bush, but this one picked the Queen Anne's lace for a resting spot.

Apparently, I don't know my insects in general - the name of this bug is a mystery as well, but it likes the hardy asters.

The detail on this volunteer hollyhock is just stunning.

Oop - another sign that fall is coming - the chrysanthemum is blooming. I love this color.

The cotoneasters look kind of peaked this year, but have produced a bumper crop of fruit. The birds will enjoy these... if the rabbits don't eat them first.

And here are my late summer blooming hostas. I planted them last year, to augment the other hostas that are all done now.

See the little yellow flag in the lower left hand corner? The utility people were out today, marking where the electricity and gas lines cross my yard. I took some "before" pictures of the back of the house, but I'll save those for tomorrow, when I should have some "in progress" pictures for you to compare and contrast.

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