Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Go! Sort Of

Today a new patio door was installed, to replace the old, broken-down wooden one. I forgot to take a "before" picture, but here is the "after":

Unlike my old door, this door requires no maintenance, glides easily, and locks.

Besides the patio door installer, the contractor came to visit as well. We ironed out a few more details, we each signed on the dotted line, and I wrote a big fat check for one-third down. Gulp! Next week we will work out the schedule for the coming weeks. Everything is supposed to be done by the first week of October. (fingers crossed)

You know how you never seem to have your camera on you when a photo op occurs? But if you go get your camera, by the time you are ready to take a picture, the subject of the picture is gone? That almost happened to me the other day. While walking the dog, a hawk landed on a neighborhood spruce. And it sat there, in spite of us strolling within 20 feet of the tree. And it sat there, while Betsy checked her pee-mail at the corner rock. And it sat there, as we continued on our way. And it sat there when the neighbor girl ran past, on her way to the bus stop. And it sat there, while I fetched my camera and walked back to the corner. And it sat there while I took several pictures, none of which turned out very good.

I kept stepping closer to the tree, until the bird flew off. I think I know where he was going. The people at the house next door to the yard with the spruce keep birds, and they keep the birds outside in the summer. I'm sure he was hoping for an easy breakfast, if he could just figure out the cage door mechanism.

Look who finally decided to bloom!

It's the Rose of Sharon!

The hummingbirds will be happy, maybe even happier than me.

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