Saturday, August 23, 2008

Another Farmers Market

The farmer's market I mentioned in my last post was at Salomon Farm and was almost all food. In contrast, the Barr Street Market is more of a street market, complete with music. I had never been, so we toddled on down there today and made some purchases, including fresh bread, handmade skin lotion, produce (tomatoes, watermelon, red potatoes, green pepper).

Of the two, I think I favor Salomon Farm, which is fortunate for me because that's the side of town I live on.

I have been in search of a good peach for some time now. Earlier this year, Kroger tricked me into buying some of their peaches. They smelled so good! And tasted horrible! Then I tried some frozen organic peaches from the Food Co-op. Tasteless. But today I bought fresh peaches at the Co-op. Success! Thank goodness someone is still growing peaches for flavor and not just shippability.

This is the time of year when there are still things outside that need my attention, but the heat and humidity drive me indoors. We really need some rain. Meanwhile, there are indoor things that I could do, to get ready for the new room that I have dubbed the Sanctuary. My intention is not to have just another junked up room, but to preserve this space for meditation, yoga, writing, and communing with nature.

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