Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Despite dedicated deadheading of the Stellas, a few seed pods have slipped past, due no doubt to my poor technique. I am learning something about daylilies from such intimate contact, like how only one blossom per stalk is in full bloom at one time. We are down to the last of the blooms. What happens next? Does the plant send up fresh stems of incipient buds? Do the current stems have to dry up and fall off first? Will all my efforts be for naught? Stay tuned.

This morning I did manage to get the last of the 'Jethro Tull' planted, but there is room for one more if I care to make that purchase. Tonight no other tasks were completed, as the air is heavy with a brewing storm. The weather forecasters are promising us strong winds, one or two inches of rain, and maybe hail. The wind is gaining strength, but I'll believe the rest when I see it.

Hopefully, the wind/rain/hail won't disturb these pots.

My SO helped move these: three miniature apples and three pots brimming with tomato, pepper, and hardy aster plants (I know - weird combination). These guys needed to be out of the way while I mulched, but they will also get more sun here. They can't stay forever, as this deck is to be transformed into my new room.

Yes, I picked a builder, although he has to do one more estimate. I am happy with my plans and will turn off the part of my brain that has been churning ever since I first hatched the idea of replacing the Florida room. Now I am anxious to get started.

But first... I will have to dig up some plants that are next to the deck, including this Avant-Garde clematis.

A previous photo of the flowers was less than flattering, but they grow prettier each day. The blossom itself is very interesting, with a chrysanthemum-style center, surrounded by petals. And in the very center is a droopy appendage. Very odd.

What is also odd that how I put forth all this effort to attract hummingbirds, and what do they prefer?

The volunteer milkweed. Good thing these smell so sweet.

The gayfeather, aka Liatris spicata, are here.

These fellows are enjoying additional sun this year, so hopefully they will bulk up a bit so I can divide them in the future.

And now the unknown lilies:

If I dig around a bit, I may be able to find the name of this gorgeous redhead...

... but the blonde was one of about six freebies I received from a mail order place many moons ago.

One of these days I will look through some notes and try to identify these beauties.

For now, I will just enjoy them.

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