Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Weather Alert

Despite yesterday's scepticism, we did get rain - 0.75" - and a funnel cloud sighting. The funnel cloud was near my house, but I was at work, sitting in the auditorium in the basement, waiting for the all-clear. My house did lose power momentarily - enough to reset the answering machine and microwave but not the clock on the stove - and a few of my neighborhood trees lost some limbs, but otherwise we survived unscathed.

The snap peas are almost done. They are one of the few vegetables I planted this year. Since I anticipated that the remodeling would take up most of my attention, I gave myself permission not to plant a vegetable garden this year. It took me a few weeks to get accustomed to this idea, but I'm glad I made that decision. Besides, the local farmer's markets need my business.

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