Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lilies, Daylilies, and More (and a Fun Guy)

The lilies and daylilies in my yard are not all flowering yet. I'm wondering how much the staggered bloom times are due to their various and sundry locations in the yard. And I'm wondering how in the world I ended up with so many.

I think this is a bachelor button, aka cornflower. They grow wild along Hoosier byways and highways. I've always meant to plant some in my yard, but never got a round tuit. Once again, procrastination pays off. I wonder how they propagate. Must do some research.

The top of one of my arborvitae looks dead. Must do more research to see what is causing this.

Hopefully the cause is not this fungus growing beneath it. Looks like dog vomit, but it snot.

It is trying to rain today. Still, I watered select specimens in preparation for vacation. Not much rain in the forecast (good for vacationers, bad for plants left behind), but I think everything will survive.

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