Thursday, July 17, 2008

They Grow Flowers, Don't They?

My son and I have been on vacation this past week, traveling from Fort Rain (which has been hot and dry in our absence - my poor Japanese maple!) to Niagara Falls, where - surprise! - I found hostas and daylilies. Just like home!

I'm so used to taking photos of my flowers that my natural reaction when I saw these was to snap away.

From Niagara Falls we moved on to Cooperstown, but due to a lodging crisis, we were pressed for time and did not linger over the lovely gardens there.

Now we are in New England, on the cusp of heading home, but we did wander about the Robert Frost Farm in Derry, NH. There was milkweed, but with rather languid flower clusters instead of the tight little fists I have at home.

And there were butterflies! Lots of them, including this little beauty who stopped long enough for a quick pic:

The field full of milkweed undoubtedly helps attract the monarchs, but this tidy side garden also makes a difference:

The monarda blossoms were huge.

I'm hoping my 3B garden looks as good some day.

Before the mosquitoes drove us out of the woods, we heard the ovenbird calling, "Tea-cher! Tea-cher!" and saw this trio sunning on a log.

The two turtles were keeping company with a frog.

The mending wall provided shelter for this lovely fellow.

And the only reason I took the following pic was to remind ourselves to find out what kind of maple leaf this was.

We live in the land of silver maples, so did not recognize the sugar maples of New England.

It has been a good vacation, but we are ready to turn our faces to the west.

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