Thursday, July 24, 2008


Those bagworms are very clever but not too smart. The way they incorporate plant parts when spinning their cocoons makes them appear to be part of the plant. The way they decimate the plant they are infesting seems like a way to jeopardize their long term survival chances, especially since it really upsets the plant owner who then plucks every last cotton pickin' one of them off the plant and condemns them to the fiery depths of hell.


As we head into the dog days of August, not much of interest is going on in the garden these days besides the usual. There is plenty to do in the Weeding and Watering Department. Summer feels like it is just slipping away.

I was trying to get a better photo of some of the finer blossoms in my backyard, so I used some white fiber board as a background.

The crocosmia:

... and the honeysuckle vine.

This sunflower is just perfect in situ.

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