Monday, July 07, 2008

Flip Flop

A co-worker of mine was describing how he and his wife have different styles when it comes to major home improvement. After they gnaw on a project for a while, he gets worn down and says, "Fine. Do whatever you want. I don't care." She, on the other hand, leans in the opposite direction: "Just forget about it. We just won't do it at all." Yin and yang.

Well, that's what goes on in the back of my mind all day long. I go back and forth, weighing the options, changing my mind about every 30 minutes. Today, I called the estimator guy and left a message. In the couple of hours it took for him to get back to me, I had pretty much decided to just scrap the whole room addition. But then he called and now I'm excited all over again. Tomorrow he is stopping by with the guy who does the architectural drawings. Thursday he will be back for some final negotiations. I need to plop some money down. Then I will quit vacillating.

All the plant moving I have been doing is in preparation for the room addition. Besides yesterday's transplanting, I also moved some daisies from the south side of the house to fill in the hole by the monarda in the front yard. Then I moved a young hydrangea from the front of the house to where the daisies had been. Then I plan to move the yellow daylilies from the south side to the front, to make room for coneflower that will be rescued from its location beside the Florida room. And I still haven't figured out where to put the blue hosta, Avant-Garde clematis, and two columbines that can't stay where they are next to the soon-to-be-gone deck.

Tonight all I did was water, though. There is a chance of scattered thunderstorms, but we all know what that means: fat chance!

Meanwhile, the gayfeather gets gayer...

... more tiger lilies show their true colors...

... not to be outdone by the daylilies...

... and the hostas are coming on fast.

The prednisone is doing its thing for Betsy Beagle. She is beginning to be interested in life and popcorn again. Not quite bushy tailed yet, but definitely bright eyed.

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