Thursday, July 10, 2008

Not Quite Yet

The estimator guy brought some drawings (I believe they are called "elevations") to show me what my new room will look like. We discussed more details, brought out the tape measure and the calculator (while I tried not to hyperventilate), but I didn't sign anything yet. I'm going on vacation, he's going on vacation, there is not a lot either of us can do before we each leave town. So I guess we have a verbal agreement to pick up where we left off today, in two weeks.

Despite doing my best to reduce the cost by abandoning features I decided were not that important, it is still a lot of money. Breathe deep. Breathe deep.

After he left, I mowed the entire yard, did a little watering (the additional 0.25" yesterday did not do much for the transplants), and deadheaded the daisies.

I'm enjoying the daylilies and lilies that are scattered all around the yard. The stellas are basically done (will they bloom some more later?) but others are just getting started.

The original landscape plan called for a bed of lilies in the front yard. I never implemented that idea because the thought of hacking through the heavy clay just did not sound like a lot of fun. Now that I know about lasagna gardening, though, I may just try that to get a bed prepared for a major lily transplant.

See my bee?

I am enjoying lots of bees. They seem to like a lot of what I've planted, but today they were especially fond of the coneflower.

As am I. I love pink.

Two years ago I planted some hollyhocks I bought at Kroger. They were blooming at the time, but within a week were done. I considered it a short lived experiment and moved on. But look what popped up recently.

The plants are rather short, and I'm suspicious that this is not really a hollyhock but a wild mallow of some sort. But it's still pretty.

The early hostas are bursting. In front of these guys are some that bloom later.

My neighbor has what looks like a giant blue hosta that is in full bloom right now. My big blue is still establishing itself, so I am not happy that I will have to move it prior to the construction of the new room.

And tada! The first tomatoes are almost ready.

These are 'Sweet Olive' grape tomatoes. I am so ready to enjoy these babies ASAP.

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