Saturday, June 21, 2008

Early Bird

When I awoke this morning, I could hear rumbling, but once I struggled out of bed, the skies cleared. Today's chore: attack the brush pile.

Backyard habitats are supposed to include a brush pile, but city residents are not. Technically, someone could have reported me to Neighborhood Code Enforcement for this little mess. Wielding my new clippers (which I discovered do not hold a candle to my little Cutco pruning shears that I abused so badly they need a major overhaul), I literally cut the brush pile down to size.

I saved the larger branches for burning in my fire bowl. That's another city thing: no open burning, but we can have fire bowls and chimneas.

My daughter stopped by when I was done, and I proudly said, I got rid of the brush pile! Her response: Now it's in the front yard.

The city trash picker-uppers will not haul away yard debris unless it is bundled or in bins or in bags. I am frequently tempted to buy a shredder/chopper of some kind, so I can recycle this kind of brambly yard waste more easily (and buy less mulch too). Maybe someday.

Anyway, it's a good thing I got an early start, as around noon the skies darkened, the rumbling returned, and we received a good 0.5" of rain. Now the weeds will be easier to pull.

This is only the second year for this Avant-Garde clematis.

The plant is like an adolescent, tall and gawky, and the blooms kind of ratty looking. Unfortunately, it will have to be moved if/when the new room is built. That will delay its settling in.

Proof of snap peas.

It won't be a bumper crop, but should be enough for some fresh eating.

And more tiger lilies.

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