Sunday, June 08, 2008

Gardener's Tan

The gardener's tan is usually a motley collection of pinks and browns. Today I started out wearing a racer back sports bra and yoga top, to try to fill in some color on my upper back, but after a few hours in the sun, wisely switched to a sleeveless polo plus sunscreen for my shoulders and arms. A broad brimmed hat, donned to keep the deer flies out of my hair, protected my face, but my feet are getting stripey from my gardening sandals. And my legs are the last to tan, except for my knee caps.

Yes, it was a long day of outdoor activity. HOT and HUMID, but at least there was a good breeze and plenty of clouds to keep it from being brutal. Amongst my achievements were mowing, front and back, transplanting black-eyed Susan and tickseed (which required much weed removal and the installation of a chicken-wire enclosure for rabbit protection), and planting thyme in the one apple tree pot lacking it.

Everyday, something new is blooming or blooming more. The pestemon is just starting...

while the keys of heaven are filling out...

and the catmint offsets the pinks with its strong blue.

All of the above are in the 3B garden - bees, butterflies, birds. This Shasta daisy is right around the corner from where some other Shastas bit the dust.

Debating on whether to transplant it to replace the lost ones.

Here is the first coneflower, such as it is.

And one lone scabiosa has popped up in the front of the house. Haven't had much luck with flowers on the east side of the house.

Proof that I did not over-whack the clematis on the front porch.

The climbing rose is above average this year...

... even peeking around the corner of the house.

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