Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head

Yesterday's paper said 50% chance of rain. Later in the morning, the online weather forecast 30% chance of rain. In the afternoon, we received a brief but intense deluge where I work, but when I arrived home, the streets were dry. Not for long, though. By the time I went to bed, we had received 0.5" here. And this morning, it is raining (again? still?)

The estimator came on Saturday, and he had some interesting ideas, but I am really bothered by how the roofs (rooves?) of the various components will come together. I literally tossed and turned most of Saturday night, trying to come up with a better solution (think outside the box, think outside the box). The Aha! moment came the next day: my goal is to have a room from which I can enjoy my backyard (when I am not actually slaving away in it); there is no rule that says the new room must be located exactly where the Florida room is now; I hate my deck and want to get rid of it as well as the Florida room; why not tear out both the Florida room and the deck, but put the new room where the deck is, at the north end of the house, on the west side? This will add a west-facing gable to the house that will match the gable at the other end of the house. (If it weren't raining out, I would take a picture and show you exactly what I mean.)

This configuration would provide me with more backyard privacy and a cosy area for a courtyard-style patio. I could plant a little kitchen garden for tomatoes and herbs where the Florida room is now, and maybe even get that half-bath I've been wanting at that end of the house. And I could use the old deck boards for enclosing garden beds. And I could create a birdfeeding station next to the room. This idea presents other issues, but they can be resolved. I think. I'm not a homebuilding expert and my pockets are not bottomless, but I could end up with something very nice. Eventually. IMHO. (giggling like a maniac)

Meanwhile, I try to enjoy the Florida room as is, as much as possible, despite the rain that still runs over the sill. While resting from my labors on Sunday, I saw a blue heron fly overhead. The ducks that were on my roof hang out in my neighbor's backyard. With the silver maples gone, I seem to have more robins. A wren came to check out the bluebird box which has been abandoned by the sparrows. I cleaned that out, just in case someone wants to move in, then watched for the return of the wren (no such luck). And I kept my eye out for hummingbirds, but have not seen any since that first one. The flowers have put out their welcome mats - where are the hummers?

I saw an interesting item in Gardener's Supply: a Mason bee house. According to their blurb, Mason bees are 20 times the pollinators that honeybees are, plus are non-aggressive. I wonder if it is too late to set one out.

Which reminds me: I haven't hung my bird bottle yet. Must put that on my to-do list.

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