Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Take My Money, Please

Still waiting on one of the estimates. Not sitting by the phone, but a little puzzled that I have not heard at all. This does not bode well. Suitor #1 is looking better and better. I've decided to decide by the end of this week. Time's a wastin'!

Today we received another 0.5" rain, on top of 0.25" from Monday? Tuesday? The days are a blur. I did a little weeding Monday night, until the mosquitoes chased me in. Tonight I picked bunny greens but abandoned the snap peas for one more day. Those damn bugs!

And this damn Blogger! It's being recalcitrant uploading pix. And why have a home and garden blog if you can't illustrate it with mediocre photography?

Anyway, here is the one pic that did upload:

Deadheading the Stellas has become the daily chore task. I hope it will be worth the 1.23 minutes per clump that it takes.

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