Sunday, June 17, 2012

They SAID home and GARDEN tour

Yesterday my SO and I went on a home and garden tour. While the houses were interesting, there was only one garden of note and it was at the first house we visited. Twelve houses and two hours later, we were finished, in more ways than one. And I was disappointed.

I want take better photographs, and was hoping to experiment on those non-existent gardens, but these are the only photos I took.

I would have taken more, but I didn't see anything I hadn't grown at one time or another. So I decided to experiment with the camera in my own yard. I discovered that the "soft background" setting was not very helpful, so I tried macro vs. super macro.

I couldn't see much difference between the two, and only later did it dawn on me that the difference between macro and super macro is how close to your subject you can get. Duh.

One more collage: I planted my tulip tree in 2009. Below are photos from 2011 and this year.

Even though it is not a whole lot bigger, it sheds enough shade that the sun-loving plants I chose to locate between it and the West Wing were pouting. I know the rule about perennials - "First year sleep, second year creep, third year leap" - but I was still a little concerned. Concerned enough last week to move those plants, to one of the beds by the patio, where they appear much happier. Also, I am less likely to step on them or drag the hose across them.

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