Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A dry heat - sort of

Last year, when the temps climbed above 90, so did the humidity. Outside, it was nearly impossible to breathe, let alone garden. Inside was not much better, because AC units work by evaporation, and my unit could not keep up, especially with the afternoon sun beating down on it. In an attempt to forestall that happening again, we (and I use the word "we" loosely - my SO dug the holes, I filled them) planted a couple more 'Wichita Blue" junipers.

Another sun-shielding task was to put the canopy over the patio. Last year, despite my efforts, the canopy flopped and flooped all over the place. One day I remember in particular. I was home sick, nearly comatose on the couch. I could hear something banging around but could not muster the energy to even go look (because if I looked, I would have to do something about it). Later, when I achieved vertical, I discovered the canopy was practically on the roof. But thanks to the Internet and online reviews (and my SO), a solution was instituted: grommets.

Initially, we tried pink nylon cord.

Then my So asked, Got any bungee cords? Why, yes, yes I do.

This solution has worked very well.

And while we are singing the praises of my SO, he also dug in the raised beds he put together. Given the cement-like structure of my clay soil, this was no simple task.

This man literally makes my dreams come true!

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Jason said...

Very impressed by your raised bed arrangement.