Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Irony example 1: Several years ago, I attended a seminar on rain gardens. Since I planned to replace my driveway, I held off on planting one. If I had planted one, it would be one more bed of plants for me to water.

Irony example 2: That same year, I signed up for a free rain barrel, which never materialized. Just as well - rain barrels don't work if it never rains.

Irony example 3: My backyard is a registered wildlife habitat - and is surrounded by poultry netting to keep out the rabbits.

* * * * *

Today I harvested the Broadleaf Czech garlic, as it was ready. I planted nine cloves, harvested six seven - would have been seven eight (editor's note: I can't count), but I foolishly tried to pull one out instead of dig it up and the stalk broke off. Digging around for the bulb only resulted in damaging the volunteer sunflowers.

Tomorrow's temperature is predicted to be 103. Ugh.

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